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Corporate Culture

Always Create First-Class Purpose


"Quality, Brand, Integrity" ChuanDao people will continue to pursue the "professional, dedicated and dedicated business philosophy", and give back to the public with high-quality and efficient products and sincere and sincere professional services.

Corporate Vision

Now ChuanDao is already one of the leading companies in China's laundry equipment industry. In the future, ChuanDao will enter the capital market and become a leader in the global laundry equipment industry.


Long-term hard work, long-term diligence and thrift, long-term innovation!

Enterprise Style

Quick response, immediate action, no excuses, absolute obedience!


Product Concept

Craftsman spirit, keep improving, and high-quality products are the bridge to the world!

Market Concept

Fight your wits, stick to the end, and never give up!

Service Concept

To win trust with sincerity and respect with professionalism, we advocate forbearance to move forward, and everything is customer-centric!

Quality Policy

Quality is manufactured, not tested. All staff participate, strictly control, improve and improve, and there is no end!

Quality Principles

Do not accept defective products, do not manufacture defective products, and do not flow out defective products!


Talent Concept


Talent Selection

Both ability and political integrity, team spirit, diligence and progress.

The Concept Of Cultivating Talents

Full training, active training, thinking first.

Talent Retention

Keeping people attentive, remuneration and rewards, equity incentives.