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CLM Folding Machine Family

Today I will introduce to you in detail the four major members of the CLM folding machine family: Rapid Folder, Two Lanes Folder, Automatic Sorting Folder and Pillowcase Folder.See how they help laundries fold all types of linen efficiently
“First of all, let’s take a look at the Rapid Folder. It has an efficient folding system and can quickly process a large amount of linen at a speed of 60 meters/minute. It performs very well in terms of speed and folding effect. It is mainly used to provide hotels Laundry factories that provide laundry services, and some laundering factories that wash hospital linens will also choose Rapid Folder, which has a wider scope of application.”
“Two Lanes Folder is specially designed for linens with smaller widths in hospitals, railways, schools, etc. We have Two Lane Spreading Feeder used with it. It can fold two linens at the same time and can fold up to 1,800 lines per hour. Sheets allow washing plants to operate efficiently even during busy operations.”
“The Automatic Sorting Folder in the washing factory can automatically sort according to the different sizes of different linens. It can automatically sort up to 5 different specifications and lengths of bed sheets and quilt covers. It can easily distinguish and fold neatly, 1.2m, 1.5m , 1.8m, 2m, etc. can be realized according to the actual needs of the washing plant. As long as it is set in the system, manual sorting of linen is no longer needed. Even if the ironing line is running at high speed, only one needs to be arranged. Workers complete strapping and boxing work”
“Finally, there is our Pillowcase Folder. It is based on the fast folding machine and adds the folding and stacking function of pillowcases. It has two folding modes for pillowcases and can realize the cross-folding method to meet the requirements of high-end hotels.”
The CLM folding machine family has the characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy and diversification, which has brought revolutionary changes to the washing factory. If you are the person in charge of a washing factory or have needs for linen folding, you may wish to consider the CLM folding machine.

Post time: Mar-27-2024