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Empowered by CLM’s capabilities, a high-standard gas-heating laundry plant in Shandong is set to make a debut!

CLM's cooperative partner - Rizhao Guangyuan Washing Service Co., Ltd. is about to start operation. The entire factory covers an area of 5000 square meters, It is currently one of the largest gas-heating laundry factories in  Shandong province.


During the initial planning phase, the factory aimed for a daily washing capacity of 20,000 sets. The requirements for the machines included high automation levels to reduce labor and energy consumption. After comparing several suppliers and conducting on-site inspections, CLM was chosen as the equipment supplier. At the end of 2023, the factory purchased two tunnel washers, one high-speed ironing line with hanging storage, one 800series 6-roller high-speed ironing line, one gas-heating chest ironing line with hanging storage, one 3.3m gas-heating chest ironing line, four towel folders, eight 100kg washer extractors, and six 100kg dryers from CLM.


After more than three months of production and testing at the CLM production base in Nantong City, all the equipment has been installed. The after-sales engineers are currently on-site conducting installation, commissioning, and other related tasks.

The washing factory is capable of providing linen washing services for various star-rated hotels, chain hotels, bathhouses, and other establishments in Rizhao City and the surrounding areas. With a washing capacity of up to 10,000 sets in 10 hours, it is well-prepared for the upcoming peak tourism season in summer.

 Jiangsu Chuandao extends its best wishes to Rizhao Guangyuan Washing Service Co., Ltd., hoping for prosperity and a bright future.

Post time: May-29-2024