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Inspections that must be done every day when the tumbler dryer is started

tumbler dryer

If your laundry factory also has a tumbler dryer, you must do these things before starting work daily!

Doing this can help the equipment remain in good working condition and avoid unnecessary losses for the washing plant.

1. Before daily use, confirm that the fan is working properly

2. Check whether the door and velvet collection box door are in good condition

3. Is the drain valve working properly?

4. Clean the heater filter

5. Clean the down collection box and clean the filter

6. Clean the front, rear, and side panels

7. After daily work, open the stop valve of the drainage system to drain the condensed water.

8. Check each stop valve to ensure there is no leakage

9. Pay attention to the tightness of the door seal. If there is air leakage, please repair or replace the seal quickly.

We all know that the thermal insulation performance of the dryer is significant for work efficiency and energy consumption. CLM's dryers are all insulated with 15mm pure wool felt and wrapped with galvanized sheets on the outside. The discharge door is also designed with three layers of insulation. If your dryer only has a seal to keep it warm, it should be checked or replaced daily to prevent it from consuming a lot of steam to reach a temperature that secretly leaks.

Post time: Feb-19-2024