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Stability and safety design of CLM shuttle conveyor

The tunnel washer system is the main production equipment of the washing plant. Damage to any piece of equipment in the entire tunnel washer system will affect the production efficiency of the washing plant or even cause production to stop. The shuttle conveyor is the only equipment that connects the press and the dryer. Its function is to send the linen cakes from the press to different dryers. If two linen cakes are transported at the same time, the weight is close to 200 kilograms, so there are high requirements for its structural strength. Otherwise, long-term and high-frequency use may easily lead to equipment failure. It will cause the washer system to be discontinued! When we purchase a tunnel washer system, we must also pay enough attention to the quality of the shuttle conveyor.

Let’s have a detailed introduction to the stability and safety design of the CLM shuttle conveyor.

The CLM shuttle conveyor adopts a heavy-duty gantry frame structure and a double-sided chain lifting design. This structure is durable and more stable during fast walking.

The CLM shuttle conveyor guard plate is made of 2mm thick stainless steel plate. Compared with the 0.8-1.2mm stainless steel plate used by most brands, ours is stronger and less prone to deformation.

There is an automatic balancing device on the CLM shuttle wheel, and brushes are installed on both sides of the wheel to clean the track, which can make the shuttle conveyor run more smoothly.

There is a touch protection device at the bottom of the CLM shuttle conveyor. When the photoelectric recognizes an obstacle, it will stop running to ensure personal safety. In addition, our safety door is equipped with a safety protection system connected to the shuttle conveyor. When the safety door is accidentally opened, The shuttle conveyor will automatically stop running to ensure safety.

When purchasing a tunnel washer system, you should also pay enough attention to the quality of the shuttle conveyor.

Post time: May-27-2024