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A Tumbler Dryer trilogy: reduce consumption and cut heat loss

         CLM engineer team strives hard to increase heat isolation and reduce temperature drop with all factors considered. In general, tumbler dryer is the major source of energy consumption in every laundry plant operation. The heat insulation is the key factor for reducing energy consumption because the quicker temperature drops during each drying run, the more frequent the burner activates to heat it back up.

         CLM steam powered tumbler dryer is built with 2 mm thick wool felting on dryer body, outer layer and front, rear door of the dryer; with a fixed galvanized panel for the purpose of heat insulation. Also, the design is tested for long-term operation with no concern on falling off. Ordinary tumbler dryer is designed with normal material on the dryer body and no other prevention made but a thin layer of heat insulation cotton on the door frame. It is bad for heat control and less reliable to the structure with concern of peel off.

         CLM gas powered adapted same heat control design like the steam powered dryer. In addition, the heat insulation material is covered from the burner chamber with polymer composite materials, so better heat reserve from the initial heating site. Also, the heat reclaimed from exhaustion allows for reusing the heat in order to reduce times burner to activate from burning more gas.

         Hence, CLM steam dryer consumes 100-140KG steam for 120KG towels dry and gas powered CLM dryer consumes 7 cubic meters for the same amount towels.

Post time: Jun-11-2024