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Upgrade to gas powered laundry automation equipment is a constant in recent years

With increased energy prices in recent years, gas powered industrial laundry equipment is trending among laundry plant’s top picks in their laundry upgrade project.

In comparison with traditional, old-school steam powered laundry equipment, gas-powered equipment gains advantage in many areas.

  1. Gas burning is much more effective on heat transfer with direct injection style burning method compared to steam from boiler. It will be at 35% heat loss during the exchange section while gas burner loss only 2% with no medium of heat exchange.
  2. Gas burning equipment sits at lower maintenance cost but steam system requires more components to operate with more tubes and valves. Moreover, steam system requires strict heat insulation plan to prevent major heat loss in the transfer process while gas burner is much less complex.
  3. Gas burning is flexible in operation and can be maneuver individually. It enables fast heating and shutting down response time, but steam boiler requires a full on heating action even only one machine running. The steam system also takes longer time for on and off, hence more wear and tear for the system.
  4. Gas burning system saves labor for no worker needed in the working circle but steam boiler requires at least 2 workers to operate.

If you are looking for more environmental friendly laundry equipment in operation, CLM offers a wide range choice.

Post time: Jun-07-2024