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Wuhan Railway Washing Center Revolutionizes Train Linen Cleaning

Wuhan Railway Laundry Center bought CLM whole-plant washing equipment and already been smoothly worked more than 3 years, this laundry officially started operation in November 2021! For the Wuhan passenger section of the train bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, chair covers and other linen to carry out professional and standardized cleaning and ironing work, with daily washing amount of 20 tons! Ensuring that the cloth is safe, clean and tidy, and bring passengers a clean and comfortable journey experience.

The CLM 60kg 16-compartment tunnel washer is at the heart of this operation, utilizing efficient and high-cleanliness cleaning technology to meet the quality standards of five-star hotels. With a linen washing capacity of 1.8 tons per hour, this cutting-edge equipment ensures that the washing process is both efficient and cost-effective.

The center’s mature and stable control system accurately regulates water and steam usage based on linen loading, guaranteeing high-quality washing while also saving costs. Additionally, the damage rate is meticulously controlled at 3/10,000, and efforts to achieve low moisture content play a crucial role in limiting energy consumption during the washing process.

The double-layer designed gantry frame structure shuttle ensures smooth and precise transportation of linen cakes to the dryer, resulting in soft and white dried linen ready for the finishing process.

The four-station spreading feeder, equipped with cloth feeding robots and receiving clamps, operates synchronously to maximize efficiency. Air suction and smoothing, as well as suction brushing and brush smoothing, ensure that the linen enters the ironing machine with high smoothness.

The CLM 6-roller 800 series super roller ironer is a standout feature, with three sets of drying cylinders adopting a double-sided ironing design to improve the quality and efficiency of the ironing process. High-temperature steam sterilization further enhances the cleanliness of the linen.

The linen then enters the high-speed folder, capable of executing over 20 folding procedures with speed and precision, resulting in neatly folded and stacked linen in an efficient and labor-saving manner.

With a focus on a series of rigorous processes, the railway linen cleaning work is completed to the highest standards, ready for use on the train once again. The professional washing team, attentive service concept, and advanced washing equipment, including the CLM tunnel washer and high-speed ironing line, ensure that every passenger can enjoy a comfortable and clean environment during their journey.

Post time: Mar-22-2024