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CLM SXDD-60M bag loading sorting system

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CLM SXDD-60M bag loading sorting system use PLC control,automatic weighing,bag storage after sorting,intelligent feeding, high production efficiency.

Applicable Industry:



Applicable Industry:

Laundry Shop
Laundry Shop
Dry Cleaning Shop
Dry Cleaning Shop
Vended Laundry(Laundromat)
Vended Laundry(Laundromat)

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Rail System

You can use different types of temporary storage areas to design different types of transportation rails to facilitate the classification and wait for washing. This design is flexible and changing. You can use this system for one tunnel washers.Also can transfer to seveal tunnel washers. We can set  each washing weight upper and lower limits,this setting can not only avoid overloading to cause the blocked of tunnel washers, but also avoid the small amount linen to cause the press head unevenly stressed. In addition, this bag system can also transport the sheets, quilts and towels to the tunnel washers with rated amount  to facilitate the coordinated use of dryers and tunnel washers, and further improve production efficiency.


CLM SXDD-60M bag loading and sorting system use PLC control,automatic weighing,temporary storage after sorting,intelligent feeding, high production efficiency.The rail is made of stainless steel plate drawing process, bags use metal wheels,no need lubrication,sturday and durable.on each section of rails, we set the protection sensors to ensure the safety during the running,we can design the front and back bag and rail system for customer based on its layout.

Automatic Logistic Tansfer System

The automatic logistic transfer system enables the upper and lower processes to seamlessly docking, improves efficiency, and avoids energy waste of the waiting process. It can also greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, avoid secondary pollution, improve the working environment, and facilitate information statistics.

Technical Parameter





Power V/P/H


Motor Power(KW)


Transfer platform Width (mm)


Sorting platform(W×LXH)


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