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Plc Editing Program

Short Description:

According to the weight of loading sheet, realizing accurate water, steam, detergent adding, intelligent design, effectively saving water, steam, and detergent costs.

Applicable Industry:



Applicable Industry:

Laundry Shop
Laundry Shop
Dry Cleaning Shop
Dry Cleaning Shop
Vended Laundry(Laundromat)
Vended Laundry(Laundromat)

Product Detail

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Intelligent Design

Automatically adding water, steam and chemicals according to the actual washing weight, intelligent design which effectively reduce the cost of water, steam and chemicals.

Easy Operation

The LoongKing control system is continuously optimized and upgraded, mature and stable, and the interface design is simple and easy to operate, which can support 8 different languages.


Loongking tunnel washer adopts Mitsubishi PLC control system.

Main Console

The main console adopts 15-inch high-definition touch screen, which can store 100 sets of washing progress, and program 1000 customers'  inforamtion.

Record Washing Productivity And Water Consumption

Record washing productivity and water consumption according with the tunnel washer.

Full Functioning

With remote diagnosis, trouble-shooting, software updating and remote interface monitoring.

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