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CLM ZTZD Pillowcase functional Sorting Folding Machine

Short Description:

Control system

(1) Precise folding requires precise control. CLM folding machine uses Mitsubishi PLC control system, 7-inch touch screen, which stores more than 20 folding programs and 100 customer information.

(2) CLM control system is mature and stable after continuous optimization and upgrading. The interface design is simple and easy to operate, and can support 8 languages.

(3) CLM control system is equipped with remote fault diagnosis, troubleshooting, program upgrade and other Internet functions. (Single machine is optional)

(4) CLM fast folding machine is matched with CLM cloth spreading machine and high-speed ironing machine, and can realize program linkage function.

Applicable Industry:

Laundry Shop
Laundry Shop
Dry Cleaning Shop
Dry Cleaning Shop
Vended Laundry(Laundromat)
Vended Laundry(Laundromat)

Product Detail

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Powerful Functions

(1) CLM pillowcase folding machine is a multifunctional folding machine, which can not only fold sheets and quilt covers, but also fold and stack pillowcases.

(2) CLM pillow case folding machine has two pillow case folding procedures, which can be folded in half or in cross.

(3) CLM pillowcase folding machine is not only equipped with the stacking function of bed sheets and quilt covers, but also equipped with the automatic stacking and automatic conveying function of pillowcases, so that operators do not need to run around the production line, reducing labor intensity and improving the degree of automation.

(4) The pillowcase can be folded and stacked automatically, up to 3000 pieces per hour.

Horizontal Folding Function

(1) CLM fast folding machine has 2 horizontal folds and 3 horizontal folds, and the maximum horizontal fold size is 3300mm.

(2) The horizontal folding is an air knife structure, and the blowing time can be set according to the thickness and weight of the cloth to ensure the folding quality.

(3) Each horizontal fold is equipped with an air blowing stripping device, which not only prevents the increase of the folding rejection rate caused by excessive static electricity, but also prevents the folding failure caused by the cloth straw being drawn into the long shaft.

Vertical Folding Function

(1) CLM fast folding machine is of 3 vertical folding structure. The maximum folding size of vertical folding is 3600mm. Even the oversized sheets can be folded.

(2) 3. The vertical folding is designed with knife folding structure to ensure the tidiness and quality of folding.

(3) The third vertical fold is designed with air cylinders on both sides of one roll. If the cloth is jammed in the third fold, the two rolls will automatically separate and take out the jammed cloth easily.

(4) The fourth and fifth folds are designed as an open structure, which is convenient for observation and rapid troubleshooting.

Rugged Construction

(1) The frame structure of the CLM fast folding machine is welded as a whole, and each long shaft is precisely processed.

(2) The maximum folding speed can reach 60 meters/minute, and the maximum folding speed can reach 1200 sheets.

(3) All electrical, pneumatic, bearing, motor and other components are imported from Japan and Europe.

Technical Parameter



Technical parameters


Maxium folding width(mm)

Single lane



Four lanes


Ten Cross Folding for Pillow Case

Pillowcase channel (pcs)



Stacking qunatity (pcs)



Lanes for pillowcase (Pcs)



Maxium conveying speed (m/min)



Air pressure (Mpa)



Air Consumption(L/min)





3 Phase



Including Stacker



Including Stacker



Including Stacker

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