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GHG-120Z Series Tumbler Dryer

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Steam heating, overall thermal insulation concept, avoid heat loss

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Drive Method

The inner drum adopts a shaxless roller wheel drive method, which is accurate, smooth, and can rotate in both directions and reverse.

Inner Drum

The inner drum adopts 304 stainless steel anti-stick coating process, which can prevent the long term adsorption of the lint on the drum and affect the drying time, making the clothing life longer. The 5 mixing rod design improves the flip efficiency of linen and improves drying efficiency.


Use stainless steel heater, durable; maximum tolerance 1MPa pressure.

Drain Valve

The drain valve adopts the English SpiraxSarco brand, which has good water transmission effects, energy saving and efficient.

Steam Pressure

The steam pressure in the dryer is 0.7-0.8MPa, and the time is within 20 minutes

Automatic Lint Collection System

Lint filtration uses air blowing and vibration dual binding,lint filtration is more cleaner

Insulation Design

The insulation of the outer cylinder is 100% pure wool-haired felt, which has good thermal insulation effects to prevent heat from emitting heat

Technical Parameter

Product Model GHG-120Z-L-B-J
Max. Load (kg) 120
Voltage(V) 380
Power(kw) 13.2
Power Consumption(kwh/h) 10
Steam Connection Pressure(bar) 4~7
Steam Pipe Connection Dimension DN50
Steam Consumption Amount 350kg/h
Drainage Pipe Size DN25
Compressed Air Pressure(Mpa) 0.5~0.7
Weight(kg) 3000
Dimension(H×W×L) 3800×2220×2850

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