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Two Lane Spreading Feeder (Professional Edition)

Short Description:

GZB-2L Two Lane Spreading Feeder
● Good Performance
● High Efficiency
● Low Energy Consumption
● High Quality
Mainly designed for hospital and railway sheets with smaller size. It can spread 2 sheets or duvet covers at the same time, which is twice times efficiency than single lane feeder.
Combined as the “Super peed ironing lines” with the CLM high -speed ironer and folder. It has a communication function and can deal with 1600 sheets per hour at most.

Applicable Industry:

Laundry Shop
Laundry Shop
Dry Cleaning Shop
Dry Cleaning Shop
Vended Laundry(Laundromat)
Vended Laundry(Laundromat)

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Air Duct Structure

The air duct structure is adopted special design which can pat the linen surface once suctioning into the air box ,and make the linen surface more flatness.

Even the oversized bed sheet and duvet cover can smoothly be suctioning into the air box ,Max size :3300x3500mm.

The minimum power of the two suction fan is 750W, optional for 1.5KW and 2.2KW.

Stable Structure

The shuttle plate is controlled by servo motor with high accuracy and speed, so that is not only can feed the bed sheet at high speed ,but also can feed the duvet cover at low speed.

Max feeding speed is 60 m/min, for bed sheet max feeding quantity is 1200 pcs/hour.
All electrical and pneumatic components, bearing and motor are imported from Japan and Europe.

Control System

CLM feeder adopts the Mitsubishi PLC control system and 10 inch colorful touch screen with over 20 kinds of programs and can storage over 100 customers’ data information.

CLM control system becomes more and more mature by persistent software updating, the HMI is very easy to access and supports 8 different languages at the same time.

For each working station we equipped a statistics function to count the feeding quantity, so that is very convenient for the operation management.

CLM control system with remote diagnosis and software updating function via internet. (Optional Function)

Through program linkage CLM feeder can combine work with CLM ironer and folder.

Rail ,Catching System

The guide rail is extruded by special mold, with high precision, and the surface is treated with special wear-resistant technology, so the 4 sets catching clamps can running on it at high speed with more stability.

There are two sets of feeding clamps, the running cycle is very short, there must be one set feeding clamps waiting for operator, which can significantly improve the feeding efficiency.

Linen anti-falling design brings more smoothly feeding performance for the oversized and heavy linen.

The wheels on the catching clamps are made of imported material which ensure long service life.

Four sets feeding clamps, there always be one sheet waiting for spreading at each side.

Equipped with two sets cycling feeding clamps enhance the feeding efficiency.


Two Sets Smoothing Devices
● Manual Feeding Function
● 15 Units Inverters for Motors
● Two Sets Feeding Clamps
Four stations with synchronous transfer function, each station equipped with two sets cycling feeding clamps enhance the feeding efficiency.
Each feeding station is designed with a holding position that makes the feeding action compact, reduces waiting time and increases efficiency.
The design with manual feeding function, which can manually feeding bed sheet, duvet cover, table cloth, pillowcase and small size linen.
With two smoothing devices: mechanical knife and suction belt brush smoothing design.Suction box suctioning the linen and pad the surface at the same time.
When the duvet cover is spreading, the double-face brush will flatten the sheets automatically, which can effectively improve the ironing quality of the sheets in order to meet the five-star quality requirements of the duvet cover.
The whole feeder is equipped with 15 sets of motor inverters. Each inverter controls the separate motor, in order to be more stable.
The latest fan is equipped with noise elimination device.

CLM Two Lane Spreading Feeder

Technical Parameter

Name /Mode

4 Working Station

Types of Linen

Bed Sheet ,Duvet Cover,Pillowcase and so on

Working Station


Conveying Speed(M/min)


Efficiency P/h


Max Size:(Width x Length)Mm²

2 x 170 x 3000mm2

Air Pressure Mpa


Air Consumption L/min


Power Supply V/kw

3Phase /380v/16.45kw

Wire Diameter Mm2

3 x 6+2 x 4mm2

Overall Weight kg


Dimensions:LxWxH mm


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